helping people age at home

People want to grow old in their own homes

Like tens of millions of other adults, you have an
elderly loved one who wants to age at home. He or she wants to maintain their dignity
and independence. But you fear that as their independence wanes, the challenge
of aging at home will fall on you, the adult caregiver.

Aging at home strains relationships and increases stress

Caregivers are incredibly stressed and isolated. This sandwich generation feels left alone to care for their aging parents. The result is a diminished quality of life for both parents and caregiver and a subsequent deterioration of their relationship.

Technology isn’t working

Technology-based “monitoring” solutions are available, but they do not maintain the dignity of elders or alleviate the true burden you feel.

Family is the key

Your aging family member doesn’t want to be
monitored, but they do want to connect with you and your extended family. And
when you share the challenge of caregiving with others, your life becomes
easier and everyone grows closer.

 Firefly augments and enhances the ways families communicate. It is a solution that elders will choose to use, and brings
caregivers the additional support they desperately need. With firefly, the
caregiver becomes the entire family.

The firefly band: fostering connection in the

A comforting hand on their shoulder and just knowing that someone is thinking of them can be all it takes for your aging family member to pick up the phone themselves, so you don’t have to. The firefly wristband stands as a symbol of your family’s strength and unity. A simple press on the wrist will send a warm gesture to the entire family.

Conversational tool first, health tracker second

Our elders don’t want a GPS tracker tied to them 24/7, but you want peace of mind that your family member is okay. Firefly breaks
down the technology barriers that keep elders out of the conversation and includes the whole family. Firefly sets the stage for open communication, whether it be a tough conversation or an invite to dinner.

Technology should connect you, not stand in the

Firefly integrates into your existing methods of
communication and also opens a door to your once isolated family member. Share
photos, texts, videos, and voice messages directly to your elder’s firefly hub
the same way you would with the rest of the family. No phone, internet or
email needed on your elder’s side. Just plug in the Hub and talk.

Getting clarity and peace of mind

Sharing a common goal of  keeping the family united and healthy means having clear insight into the important information. Whether it's through the stand-alone firefly app, or the integrated messaging system, get instant, on the spot checkups without disturbing your family member's day.

Leveraging artificial intelligence

At the heart of firefly is firebot, an AI that monitors, analyzes, and serves up information when appropriate. Firebot is the link between you and your elder's life. It gives you instant notifications in cases of emergencies, and processes all health and communication data, keeping your focus on your family and not overwhelming you with data.